Jakarta gets Rujak.org on its 482nd anniversary

by Marco Kusumawijaya, 25.06.2009

Jakarta gets www.rujak.org on its 482nd anniversary from and for all of us, who just want a better place to live sustainably. Does the anniversary means anything at all?

Maybe it does mean something:

This is the last year before the current Spatial Plan (RTRW, Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah) of the metropolis expires next year. Strangely, we have not heard anything about a new Spatial Plan yet. So, if any of you know or hear anything at all, it would be nice to share it here with all Jakartans. Every one is invited.

For our sake, a new Spatial Plan should really mean something, and not just a nice plan on paper. Jakarta desperately needs an effective plan to solve many of its problems, such as traffic jam and flood. But, it needs to solve the problems with a vision: to solve traffic jam it needs a vision of a future transportation system, and to solve flood problem it needs a vision on comprehensive water management. Jakarta needs a vision to guide its development into a sustainable future. It does not help to solve problems in an ad-hoc fashion.

More than any plan, the city also needs actions urgently. A plan should really specify actions by every one. And every one should be invited to suggest what actions are needed to make this city a better place to live, or really just a place at all.

www.rujak.org is dedicated for every one to share ideas and actions. Every one is invited. This is a very good time, if not the time, for the city to change. Please use rujak.

Marco Kusumawijaya

[email protected]


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13 Responses to “Jakarta gets Rujak.org on its 482nd anniversary”

  1. Koko says:

    I congratulate RUJAK for being the change.
    Looking forward for progress.

  2. Marco Kusumawijaya says:

    Thx Koko. Our apology that rujak has not appeared in its maximum form yet. In its final form, it will be much more complex in terms of content and inter-relationship between categories, but at the same time easy to access. Friends are working hard to make that appear by the end of this week. Please use Rujak. Please share your thoughts, experiences, ideas and practices (do you still bike to work?), answer to questions, etc. Let make Jakarta a better place!!

  3. rikmadenda28 says:

    Selamat om marco, semoga ini langkah awal untuk melangkah selanjutnya, untuk tidak masuk kelubang yg sama, kami anak muda siap membantu lahir dan bathin untuk memajukan Arsitektur indonesia, karena sy yakin Bangsa ini akan besar. tidak ada kata gagal dan terlambat selama kita masih hidup.

  4. Maria says:

    Can’t wait to see it in full form. Congratulations anyway!!

  5. iputudhika says:

    Cograts to rujak.org
    hopefully we can do better for jakarta..

  6. Marco Kusumawijaya says:

    Rikma, Maria, Putu, terima kasih. jangan lupa mengirim tulisan kepada kami untuk dimuat ke Ruak ya! Mungkin berita dari lingkungan/komunitas masing0masing? Ide, pengamatan? Benar, tak ada kata terlambat.

  7. cacuk wibisono says:

    saya deg degan sebelum membuka, karena mengharapkan sebuah situs media yang “dekat” dengan apa yang saya jumpai di kota tercinta ini, ternyata harapan saya terpenuhi. selamat sekali lagi…pak Marco !

  8. Jakartass says:

    An excellent initiative, Marco.

    You have my wholehearted support and can expect regular links, especially if you set up a mailing list.


  9. Marco says:

    Thx J. Please visit Rujak again on Monday, June 29. It will be fully on then.

  10. avianto says:

    More public and open space. More public and open space. More public and open space. And of course public safety…

    Enough with hanging out in the Mall.

    1. Marco Kusumawijaya says:

      What do you want us to do about it, Avianto? What shall we do?

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  12. exomania says:

    Kalapa, jayakarta, batavia, betawi adalah tanah yang subur dng puluhan sungai mengalir di tubuhnya. Namun akibat “monster Pembangunan” menjadi belantara be ton “megah namun tak membumi”, belantara kekumuhan, kerasnya hati yg kadang tak beradab. Let’ support RUJAK toward Jakarta to better place for sustainable life. Long Live Pak Marco

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