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26 Jun 2009

The complexity of simplicity by graphic designer Max Kisman

Exhibition at the Erasmus Huis, 22 June – 12 August 2009.

Max Kisman pioneered with digital technology in the mid 80s for magazine design, images typography and posters.  In 1986, he co-founded TYP/Typografisch Papier on typography and art.

Besides explorative painting and various art projects and installations, he digitized various typefaces for FontShop international in Berlin, Germany.  He was chief graphic designer for VPRO television in the Netherlands and received prestigous awards for his work in interactive media and television graphics.

Max Kisman reduces complex information to its most minimal form, looking for the essence and sometimes abstractions.  Simplicity speaks clearest in image, typography and design.

His lecture will illustrate that approach through his work on letter shapes and designs, a combination of image and language in connection with applications in the various media such as (computer) animation, posters or books

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