Call for Proposal: Smart City Exhibition

Call for Proposals for an Interdisciplinary Urban Exhibition: “SMART CITY: The Next Generation”, Focus South-East Asia

Dear Friends of the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin,
Dear Creative Professionals, Architects, Initiators, Artists, Urban Planners,
Politicians, Investors, Engineers, Scientists and Activists working in Southeast Asia

The internationally acclaimed gallery of architecture and urbanity, Aedes Architecture Forum, together with the Goethe Institut in Southeast Asia are planning an exhibition and symposium in Berlin titled ‘SMART CITY: The Next Generation’ under the guidance of curator Ulla Giesler.

We are seeking innovative smart city projects: architectural and urban solutions for improved living conditions in Southeast Asia:
We are interested in projects that take two aspects into account: human behaviour and new technology, and that successfully address both sustainability and social cohesion in the urban context. Projects should address existing environmental, technical and societal challenges. A particular (but not exclusive!) focus will lie on water-related projects.

Please share your examples and ideas with us!
– Examples of high performance buildings or infrastructure systems applying cutting-edge technologies
– Projects that adapt low tech ideas and applications in a unique, unusual, intelligent, effective way
– Visionary smart city concepts, which we have not even begun to imagine…

Please send brief descriptions of either completed projects or preliminary ideas and visions (with short text plus images) until middle of November to Ms. Ulla Giesler at and do not forget to include your contact details.
Projects will be selected until end of 2012, and detailed participation guidelines for the exhibition will then follow. The exhibition will be held at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin between May and July 2013.
Please forward this call for proposals to any colleagues who might be interested and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ulla Giesler, Curator
Aedes East, International Forum for Contemporary Architecture e.V.

More Information: Exhibition Concept (PDF)

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4 thoughts on “Call for Proposal: Smart City Exhibition

  1. Erma says:

    Mau tanya, ini individual atau group ya? kalau group maksimal berapa orang? trus ada website resminya yang bisa dikunjungi untuk info lebih jelas? terimakasih.

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