Summer School for Sustainable Design

Summer School for Sustainable Design will take place between the 30. August and the 4. September in Germany, in a cloister very close to Cologne.

The initiators are: Wuppertal Institute (, ecosign (Academy for ecologic design,, Folwang University (, Luzern University (i.a.).

You can find information about the last Summer School here:

We are looking for a lecturer, that could run/lead the workshop “Urban Creative Lifeworlds”, that will take place on September, the 1st. in the frame of the Summer School.

If you have an idea about someone, who can combine theoretical competences with practical experiences in this field, please contact me: Every information is welcome.


Urban Creative Lifeworlds

The first cities were founded about 5000 years ago. Since then, cities are functioning as centers of cultural, economic and creative growth. The sizzling urban lifestyles however grow in the urban peripheries, within flexible and informal networks. Throughout the 19th century, urban development was closely linked to industrialization; the last decades of deindustrialization however are a challenge for many cities like the former US-motor city Detroit or the urban Ruhr region (“Ruhr Metropolis”). At the same time this challenge can be a chance for a sustainable development of cities – and peripheries. Participation, networks and creativity are decisive factors for such challenges.

The “Ruhr Metropolis” adjacent to our venue, is a model for these structural changes of urban lifeworlds;  remarkable efforts have been made to face the challenges. This is why it has been rewarded as Europe’s Cultural Capital for 2010, following the maxim “Culture through Change, Change through Culture”.

There are, however, still many questions to be answered: How can the social and economic problems be transformed into new and more sustainable solutions? What is labour, what is leisure, what is a citizen in the post-industrial age? How can creativity be enhanced? How can we take advantage of the creative forces of urban peripheries? What are the perspectives of urban life in the future?

Our workshop will develop new concepts of urbanity, and creative solutions for future sustainable lifeworlds. Just the appropriate challenge for sustainable designers! The workshop will provide you with diverse perspectives from theory to real-life projects. We will go five steps to gain results:

1.     Analyzing urban living environments and discussing their structures, urban phenomena and problems, artificial and natural environments, culture and nature, creativity and transversality, and looking at the city as a system depending on interaction with its ecological, social, cultural, and emotional environment.

2.     Immersing into a real-life project of turning a normal urban environment into a creative lifeworld to explore new and sustainable ways of lifestyles, urbanity and creativity, opening altogether new and different perspectives.

3.     Providing you a space for your creativity to shape new ideas, and to apply the theoretical and practical insights to your personal experiences and backgrounds. You will shape visions of new and sustainable urban lifeworlds.

4.     Discussing and evaluating your ideas and sketches, thinking about consequences and requirements. This will be the real-life-test for your ideas.

5.     Presenting your work results to the other workshops and discussing them with the whole summer school group.

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