A week full of hope: disappointment next?

Will we feel disappointed already THIS week,  after Jakarta celebrated its 482nd anniversary with lots of promises LAST week?  Tell us what you feel and expectThe city has heard lots of promises in the past, and experienced disappointment very quickly soon after the promises said. Maybe this time the promises will be kept?

One important promise is that an MRT line, running North South, will be operational within the next decade. A company is already founded, headed apparently by a seasoned professional. But MRT is a huge undertaking, costing perhaps 300 times more per kilometer than a busway system. Technically and operationally an MRT system is by far more complex. After the corruption case and flaws (and delays!) in the project management with the much simpler busway, can we really uphold our hope for the MRT? Can a bad bureaucracy produce good quality? We need to know how the bureaucracy is being reformed to make sure that it lives up to our expectation of a world-class infrastructure that Jakarta, a metropolis-capital, deserves and is in dire need.

The Governor also said on Sunday, June 28, 2009, morning that by now there are already hundreds of neighbourhoods doing waste separation and composting in Jakarta. Some got awards from the City. We are glad that our fellow citizens’ initiatives are recognised. However, I am still trying very hard to verify those “hundreds” of neighbourhoods. So, if you know anybody who has that magic list of outstanding neighbourhoods with complete addresses, please help get it. It would be nice to know they really exist and where to visit them.  Not that I doubt that the Governor spoke empty words without data back up….

More importantly, do we know of any government support that citizens can apply for?

The bigger question is: How should government develop a programme to support citizens’ initiatives? Any idea? Any one?

4 thoughts on “A week full of hope: disappointment next?

  1. ultratupai says:

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  2. Karina Sigar says:

    My disappointment came this morning as I was stuck in traffic because of all the campaign buses that were crowding the streets. I had a thought: why not make our very own Marco become Jakarta’s governor? It’s about time that people with real passion for Jakarta and with innovative minds take over the city and make it right.

    Another thought, why not socialize Rujak to the governor office. In introducing the initiative, contextualize it with Obama’s successful my.barackobama.org where the forum was beneficial for the president’s team to identify issues that people prioritize, complaints that people have, and people’s proposed solutions, while at the same time creating a sense of belonging and importance for the people as their voices are being heard (to know more about this, refer to Clay Shirky’s TED Talk on how social media can make history http://www.ted.com/talks/clay_shirky_how_cellphones_twitter_facebook_can_make_history.html). I mean, how can a governor truly understand people’s issue with traffic when he doesn’t have to suffer as he could easily slide through it with the police paving the way for his car?

  3. Shanty says:

    Mungkin yang dimaksud “hundreds of neighbourhoods doing waste separation and composting in Jakarta” oleh Pak Gubernur itu adalah RT/RW yang jadi nominator lomba Jakarta Green and Clean (JGC) yang diadakan Unilever.

    Lomba tahunan ini sudah berlangsung sejak 2006. Untuk 2 tahun pertama dilombakan di tingkat RT, lalu di tahun 2008 di tingkat RW. Ada 300 nominator tersebar di seluruh jakarta untuk tahun 2008. Lihat berita di

    Ini daftar pemenangnya (5 besar) selama tiga tahun berlangsung, tapi saya tidak buat kliping data nominatornya. Beberapa pemenang juga bisa ditemukan lokasinya di Peta Jelajah Jakarta (naik transportasi) Hijau.

    2008-1 RW 07 (Komp Kostrad),Kel. Kebayoran Lama,Jaksel
    2008-2 RW 13, Kel. Cipinang Melayu, Jaktim
    2008-3 RW 06,Kel. Pesanggrahan, Jakbar
    2008-4 RW 02, Kel. Pasar Minggu, Jaksel
    2008-5 RW 03, Kel. Semper Barat, Jakut

    2007-1 RT 05/RW 08, Kel. Ciracas, Jaktim
    2007-2 RT 12/RW 03, Kel. Kelapa Gading, Jakut
    2007-3 RT 07/RW 04, Kel. Kedoya, Kebun Jeruk Jakbar
    2007-4 RT 10/RW 02, Kel. Pasar Minggu, Jaktim
    2007-5 RT 03/RW 03, Kel. Mampang Prapatan, Jaksel

    2006-1 RT 02/RW 15, Kel. Kampung Bulak, Klender, Jaktim
    2006-2 RT 08/RW 01, Kel. Cempaka Putih Timur, Jakpus
    2006-3 RT 01/RW 03, Kel. Mampang Prapatan, Jaksel
    2006-4 RT 06/RW 11, Kel. Warakas, Tanjung Priok, Jakut
    2006-5 RT 02/RW 01, Kel. Serdang, Kemayoran, Jakpus

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