Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Conference

More than 400 people, including representatives from NGO, development organizations, building- related consultants, building material producers, and private developers, attended the Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Conference held by Pemprov DKI and Clinton Climate Initiative, Clinton Foundation yesterday in Four Seasons Hotel, and this brings a dash of optimism that Jakarta residents still have serious enthusiasm for trying to be “green”.In his keynote speech, Governor Fauzi Bowo indicated his intention to lead by example, by starting to retrofit his own buildings, which include the City Hall and several public schools in Jakarta area. He also highlighted the plans of the provincial government is currently working on standards and incentive mechanism for green building implementation.

Christopher Seeley from the Clinton Foundation explained that building retrofit can actually be budget neutral, since the cost is simply paid back by future savings of the energy bills. The energy savings from building retrofit can even reach 20%-30%. The Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program (EEBRP) works on voluntary basis based on the goals and budget devised by the clients themselves, and Clinton Foundation will provide technical assistant in the assessment and procurement of the EEBRP projects that can provide guaranteed energy bill reduction in the subsequent years. Any building owners who are interested with retrofitting their buildings can contact Ms. Amanda Ikert, City Director Jakarta, Clinton Climate Initiative ( Fax: +62 21 4287-9147 )

2 thoughts on “Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Conference

  1. Marco Kusumawijaya says:

    Good news! But always anxious to see how “promises” from Gov. Fauzi Bowo will really become reality!

  2. Erwan Nasution says:

    From 1/25000 to 1/2500, political decisions.
    From 1/2500 to 1/500, urbanism and property investor
    From 1/500 to 1/50, architect.
    From 1/50 to 1/2 engineering, reasearch and develpment.
    1/1, green attitude, minimal consumption, collective responsability.

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