Koleksi Buku tentang Jepang di Rujak

1.      The Sound of Waves, Nishima, Yukio , 1956, Alfred A. knopf, Inc, New York2.      The Face to Another, Abe, Kobo, 1998, Tuttle Publishing, Singapore

3.      Lafcadio Hearn’s Japan; An Anthology of His Writings on the Country and Its People, 1997, Tuttle Publishing, Singapore

4.      The Meiji Constitution: The Japanese Experience of the West and the Shaping of the Modern State, Kazuhiro, Takii, 2007, the International House of Japan,Inc, Tokyo,Japan

5.      Escape form Impasse; The Decision to Open Japan, Hiroshi, Mitani, 2006, the International House of Japan,Inc, Tokyo,Japan

6.      Kabuki, Kawatake, Toshio, 2006, I-House Press, Tokyo,Japan

7.      Journey to The Interior : American Versions of Haibun, 1998, Tuttle Publishing, USA

8.      The Art and Architecture of Japan, Soper, Alexander and Paine, Robert Treat, 1981, Wiley, Hongkong

9.      A Zen Life of Dialogue, Abe, Masao, 1998, Tuttle Publishing, USA

10.  Itsuko Hasegawa, Toy, Maggie, 1993, Academy Editions, New Haven and London

11.  Planners Architects Engineers Nikken Sekkei Building Modern Japan 1900-1990, Nikken Sekkei, 1990, Princeton Architectural Press, New York

12.  Architectural Environments for Tomorrow: new spatial practices in architecture and art, Seijima, Kazuyo Nishizawa, Ryue Miyake, Takuya, 2011, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

13. The Japanese House: In Space, Memory, and Language, Takeshi Nakagawa, 2005, The International House of Japan Inc., Tokyo, Japan


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