TEDxGreen Jakarta

April 21, 2010,
at 6-9 pm,
at Time Out Jakarta, Jalan Pangeran Antasari 19, Jakarta Selatan

TEDx Green Jakarta is a Jakarta-based local TED event that highlights the “green issue.”  While the tagline of TED is “Ideas Worth Spreading,” TEDx Green Jakarta uses a localized tagline, which is “Green Ideas from Indonesia, Worth Spreading to the World.”  We thrive to find great green ideas in Indonesia that we believe is grand and out-of-the box enough to be presented internationally.  We are used to getting ideas from abroad and adopt it in Indonesian context.  But now, we would like to balance it by getting great and creative ideas from Indonesia for the rest of the world to learn.  So thank you all for your great contributions.

7:00 – 7:05 (5 minutes) Agus Sari will welcome everyone, thanks the sponsors and the audience, and will provide basic information about TED, TEDx, and TEDx Green Jakarta.

Urban Environment
7:05 – 7:20 (15 minutes) Adi Purnomo (Mamo) will present “green architecture.”  We agree that sustainability, and being green, starts from the home.
7:20 – 7:22 (2 minutes) Agus Sari will thank Adi Purnomo and will announce Marco Kusumawijaya.
7:22-7:37 (15 minutes) Marco Kusumawijaya will talk about participatory approach in urban planning (re. Jakarta Spatial Masterplan 2010-2030)
7:37 – 7:39 (2 minutes) Agus Sari will thank Marco and will announce Jiway Tung.

7:39 – 7:49 (10 minutes) Jiway Tung will present his urban organic farming project, which employs street kids.  This is what the spirit of neighborhood is, and should be.
7:49 – 7:51 (2 minutes) Agus Sari will thank Jiway and announce Gouri Mirpuri.
7:51 – 8:06 (15 minutes) Gouri Mirpuri will present her environmental education initiatives.

Coffee Break
8:06 – 8:18 (12 minutes) Agus will thank Gouri and will announce “coffee break.”  The coffee break will be the division between the “Urban Environment” session and the “Forestry” Session later on.

Rural and Forests
8:18 – 8:20 (2 minutes) Agus Sari will summon everyone, start the second session, and announce Eka Ginting.
8:20 – 8:30 (10 minutes) Eka Ginting will present his initiative in Kalimantan where he can help preserve forests and protect orangutans through access to carbon markets.
8:30 – 8:35 (5 minutes) Agus Sari will present the “Citizen Carbon” an initiative to raise funds to protect the forest and to access carbon market, in a bottom-up way. Agus will also announce Fajar Jasmin.

Movements, Activism, and Mobilization
8:35 – 8:40 (5 minutes) Fajar Jasmin will present “iklimkarbon.com,” the only information portal on climate change in Indonesia, in Bahasa Indonesia.
8:40 – 8:42 (2 minutes) Agus Sari will thank Fajar Jasmin and announce Daniel Tumiwa and Pandji Pragiwaksono.
8:42 – 8:57 (15 minutes) Daniel Tumiwa and Pandji Pragiwaksono will be, in tandem, present “digital activism,” a way to mobilize people for social causes through the social media.  It is closed with Pandji singing / rapping.
8:57 – 9:00 (3 minutes) Agus Sari thanks Daniel and Pandji, and close the TEDx Green Jakarta.

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