International Field School and Urban Kampung Jakarta Conference 2019

Reviving Urban Commons

International Field School and Urban Kampung Jakarta Conference 2019

International field school, collaboration between the Rujak Center for Urban Studies and Kanki Lab. Kyoto University are coming in September 2019!

This activity is an opportunity for collaboration among the community, professional staff, academics / students and the government in realizing the importance and preserving living space in urban kampung.

Over time, general interest in the issue of urban kampung are growing, especially after various communities initiatives in many cities in Indonesia to promote their kampung through distinctive architectural styles and designs. It is important to really think about the future of the urban kampung, including the possibility of future innovation and creativity that can be offered to change the paradigm of urban kampung as a city landscape, rather than just a slum.

The International Field School and Urban Kampung Jakarta Conference has three series of activities ; International Conference (16 September 2019), Workshop (16-20 September 2019) and Public Presentations and Exhibitions (21 September 2019) as the closing of the series. The purpose of the International Field School and Urban Kampung Jakarta Conference is to give improvement opportunities for the participatory planning process that has been carried out during the Pre-CAP and CAP (Community Action Planning) programs. In addition, citizen studios (studio warga) for the DKI Jakarta’s agrarian reform program also will be tested in this activity. Finally, the important mission of this activity is to suggest city development strategies in an atmosphere of cross-disciplinary collaboration.

This activity took the theme “Reviving Urban Commons” which manifested in “everyday life”, “basic needs” and “village management”, the activites will take Kampung Akuarium as a case study . Participants were given the opportunity to explore the three variables of life in the kampung to create an idea for the development of pre-existing plans from the results of Pre CAP and CAP in the Kampung Akuarium. The participant’s work will be an important input for the life of the residents of the Kampung Aquarium in the mission of returning the ‘commons’ that were lost during the eviction process.

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