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One of the first comments we received here is about having more public parks in Jakarta. Terry Collins (Jakartass) present a case of the dire need for parks in Jakarta. Hidayat Banjar wrote how grateful he is that Medan is better than Jakarta in terms of city park.The government, since 1999 in their RTRW 2010 (Master Plan), is actually targeting 14% of land to be dedicated for green open spaces. But currently, the number stalls at 1%-1.5%. Why do you think the Master Plan has failed?

Maybe we can start by being loud. People in facebook has begun to voice out their concerns:

Or we can directly contact Dinas Pertamanan dan Pemakaman DKI. Hopefully, with more people enquiring, the government will realize the urgency of this matter. BTW It’s fascinating to see that public parks, which are meant to be social space, are put together with cemeteries, which are the place for the dead.

4 thoughts on “Need parks?

  1. Marco Kusumawijaya says:

    I think we need to make those 14,000 and 3,000 names known to the City Gov. They don’t always read on-line petition, you see!
    So, our problem is: how to make the names of 14,000 supporters for park, and 3,000 supporters for Hormati Pedestrian get printed and sent to City Hall!
    Any one want to organise this? I can help…

  2. Jakartass says:

    Does anyone know any ‘friendly’ elected representatives in City Hall, either those retiring or those coming in? Having an advocate is always useful, and I don’t think having the names printed out is particularly ‘green’, not if they’re readily available online

    Also, alert the media. For one, leave a comment under my article n the Globe:

  3. Indonesia for Kids says:

    Hopefully the recent election reminds the government that listening to the people is essential in politics. In my opinion, the government should start by providing better care and maintenance to existing parks, and then move on to developing more parks and green spaces.

  4. Dian says:

    Yes, we need Parks. But we desperately need Pedestrians. If, I have to choose between Parks and Pedestrian. I choose Pedestrians. Between Park, Mall and Pedestrian. It is absolutely Pedestrian.
    Pedestrian is one of the critical solutions for traffic congestions in Jakarta. Yet, not the Dinas Tata Kota nor the Governor … try hard to build pedestrian.

    Why nobody interested to build Pedestrian and to maintain Pedestrian and to keep Pedestrian save for walking? The answer is about the money, over the table (OTT) or under the table (UTT) is not good enough.

    What Jakarta is desperately lacking? A VISIONARY LEADER. Everything build in Jakarta is based on a narrow scope of works/ a narrow minded vision … and absolutely nothing is build for benefit of the whole city let alone for the benefit of the citizen. Why? Because nobody and absolutely nobody after Ali Sadikin have a Vision about a City. Let alone a megapolitan City with 11 million citizen.

    Did the high-ranking government official like Governor and all the vice’s plus all the head of dept… are internet friendly people? I don’t think so… If they are people with knowledge of ‘just a drop’ of advance technology; they will know at their first minute sitting on their chair; that Jakarta desperately need a Community Centre based on internet.

    This Community Centre should service the citizens ONLINE for major services. It is Jakarta with all the benefit of the best in Indonesia. Best bank, best IT company, all the tycon of Indonesia.. everything… you name it. Yet, Jakarta is nowhere near the Capital City of the world. Not even close to Singapore, now even lower than Kuala Lumpur. Where is Jakarta in the next 10 years?

    One more thing.. I dont thing Jakarta bureucrates are double languages (Indo & English).

    About printing the name and give it to Jakarta Government. Yes, I agree provided you print it at: Recycled Paper. I agree because the bureaucrates didn’t read internet.

    How can we make that thousand supporters become million supporters?

    I would aim to get million before we send it to those bureaucrates.

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