On Creativity and Sustainability

Design & Sustainability (by.Tita Larasati)
Design & Sustainability (by.Tita Larasati)

What is creative if only to produce a more variety of products and modes of consumption? What is creative industry/economy if only to create a new layer of competition? Is any layer of competition better than others?

Sustainability requires creative changes in pattern. In this sense, creativity makes sense. It has a purpose, and this purpose is not just to produce ever more variety of consumables and new layers of competition, but to break old patterns, and to create new patterns towards ecological, social and economical sustainability.

Can we relate creative design to sustainable living?

Or is the drive for sustainability killing creativity? Is the drive towards creative economy only another imposed market integration to benefit earlier winners and that the late-comers will just have to dance to their drums exactly by joining the integration?

What do you think? Share your opinion, please.

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3 thoughts on “On Creativity and Sustainability

  1. Adhityani Arga says:

    Intriguing post! I am tweeting and digging this in the hopes of getting many to think. I do believe creativity drives sustainability forward. Creativity bridges the need to reduce waste, make productions more carbon-efficient and the need to make life easier!

    Hence, sustainability is not killing creativity, it’s forcing creativity to re-invent itself. Thus green or sustainable design is born. The movement is progressing around the world, time to bring it home to Indonesia. And that’s why we need people like you and Tita 🙂

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